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WIN: 2 All Experience VIP Tickets to AfroFuture

Restore and sustain Ghana’s most popular beach

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Hey music lovers! When you help us in our ongoing cleanup effort at Ghana’s Labadi Beach, you’ll be entered to win the complete Afro Future VIP experience. You’ll get access to both days of the festival, all official afterparties (including New Year’s Eve with PVO) and so much more. Enter once, and you’ll be eligible for both our November and December drawings!

So what are you waiting for? Labadi beach is one of Ghana’s most popular destinations, and if you help us take care of it, you may win the ultimate Afro Future experience. Act now and don't miss your chance to win!

Nov 25, 2023
Dec 21, 2023

Winners Announced
Nov 27, 2023
Dec 23, 2023

Who you’ll help

Ghana's capital city of Accra has a breathtaking coastline that spans almost 30 miles and boasts one of the hottest tourist spots in West Africa, Labadi Beach (aka La Pleasure Beach). It's a place where you can soak up the sun, groove to the beat of great music, indulge in delicious food, and marvel at stunning art. But this paradise is in peril, and it needs your help!

Labadi Beach is suffering from a serious case of neglect, caused by the lack of resources for essential amenities like trash receptacles, trash enclosures, restroom/toilets, and drinking fountains. This neglect has led to an enormous accumulation of garbage on the shoreline, and an inadequate storm drain infrastructure does nothing to stop the trash from polluting the ocean. We can't let this continue!

Together, we can turn the tide and restore Labadi Beach to its former glory. Don't wait for someone else to take action - be the hero this beach needs and help us make a difference. The ocean's health is at stake, and every small step we take will have a significant impact. Let's work together to protect this paradise for generations to come.

The Mayekoo Solution

  • Purchase a Barber Beach rake for daily cleanup of the beach
  • Purchase a tractor to tow the beach rake
  • Hire operators and additional support for new equipment
  • Purchase and install trash receptacles
  • Contract a trash hauling company for scheduled pickups and drop offs
  • Clean up approximately 7-10 acres per day