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Excitement Builds for New Beach Rake!

We're happy to report a huge success with our recent cleanup at Labadi Beach! Early last Saturday, Michel, Erik, Wilson, Caleb and Edem from Mayekoo and about 25 volunteers kicked off at 6am to beat the heat and tackled a massive cleanup. Together, we cleared out 16 dump truck loads of trash, with help from a front loader and an operator we had contracted from a Ghana based trash hauling company, ensuring all the waste was moved to a regulated landfill.

Seeing the volume of debris collected was a real eye-opener for us all. It highlighted how much work is needed and how essential equipment like the upcoming Mayekoo beach rake and tractor are in making these cleanups effective and sustainable.

It was also fantastic to see local community members roll up their sleeves alongside us. Their involvement really drives home the importance of our mission to keep our beaches beautiful and educate everyone about the effects of pollution.

Thanks for your continued support. We're more motivated than ever, and with equipment like the beach rake on the way, we’re ready to make even bigger strides towards cleaner beaches and reduction in ocean pollution.


The Mayekoo Team

Written: 05 August 2022
Written by: Mayekoo